A Brief History
Crescent is a scene group founded in April 1993. Although some of the members were already active in some other groups since 1989 and on, it was the first time that our members started to be known internationally with this startup. The group was founded with the idea of producing demos in mind, but eventually we released the diskmag Anarchy Magazine, and then a couple of music (SID) demos following that. Unfortunately, the activities ceased from 1996 to 2001, when the group started releasing music regularly again. The group aims to release demos in the near future and release further issues of Anarchy Magazine. This page is just a place holder for a more complete site about Crescent and its releases.

Current Members
Many people had joined in and out during the first years, but these are the current core members:

Beast Organizer, Writer
Evol Artist
Impetigo Musician, Writer
Ref Artist
Wisdom Coder, Musician

And here are the members who are not currently active but we hope them to get active in the future:

Olivaw Writer
Zero Writer

A part of our releases in the past. Some tools and the music we recently released will appear here later.

Anarchy Magazine, Edition 1 June 1994 D64
Sonic Anarchy June 1994 D64 - SID
Sonic Anarchy 2 October 1994 D64 - SID
Sonic Anarchy 3 March 1996 D64 - SID
Crescendo July 1994 D64 - SID
Crescendo 2 February 1996 D64 - SID
HVSC-Only Tunes August 2001 SID
Compo Tunes (Various) SID
All Tunes Together (Various) SID

More Information
You can find more detailed information about Crescent, screenshots from the releases, and extra download links in the following sites. Please feel free to contact us via e-mail.

CSDb | Pouet | Exotica

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